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St. John’s Christian Mothers’ Society


The St. John’s Christian Mothers’ Society was begun in 1938 and organized by Ann Vorderbruggen.  The Christian Mothers helped finance the building of St. John’s Church in 1957 by contributing $872.   At first there were only six or seven members who did quilting and other activities.  The Society had grown to 33 members by 1982. 


The Christian Mothers held their meetings on Sunday afternoon at the church.  Members took turns providing lunch. 

Part of their duties in the early years included organizing the annual dinner, which was a major fundraiser for the parish.

They organized the annual Christmas party and bought and made candy bags for the children.

They also did the church cleaning. 

In the 1980s, they set up serving and cleaning groups to include all the women of the church.  Prior to that only those who volunteered helped to clean, serve for funerals and other parish events.


The Christian Mothers’ Society bought flowers for the altar for Easter, First Communion, and Confirmation, etc.


In the early 1990s the Christian Mothers’ Society was dissolved when the parish council became the ‘governing body’ of the parish.  The council oversaw all parish activities so there seemed to be no need for a woman’s group.

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