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History of St. Patrick's
Christian Mothers

The Christian Mothers and Ladies Guild organizations have been a vital part of

the Shooks and Kelliher parishes for many years. 


Part of the involvement these two organizations had was instituting the

Parish Family Picnic to celebrate the “Year of the Family”.


On July 27, 1980, the first Parish Family Picnic was held to celebrate the “Year of the Family.”  The day began with a Mass at 10:00 a.m., a potluck meal at the Shooks Hall, then games for young and old alike.  About 3:00 in the afternoon, Jim Smischney would take his plane up and with the help of Carrie Engelmeier, drop parachutes filled with candy for the children of the parish.  The Parish Family Picnic was a huge success

and continued for many year.


The year 1982 brought a new element to the Parish Family Picnic – the Polka Mass.  For those who don’t know, a Polka Mass is a Catholic Mass with the music being adapted to the tempo of waltzes and polka.  The Just Because Band of Bemidji provided music for this service and many more to come.  This addition saw even greater success for the parish picnic.  The Cathy Erickson Band started providing the music for the Polka Mass and has continued to do so through 2023, when Cathy decided to retire. 


These two organizations worked independently of each other and each had great accomplishments for their parishes and communities.


Changes were happening in the Diocese and it was determined in January of 1985 that the parishes of St. Joseph’s and St. Patrick’s would be combined into one parish community.  Therefore, the St. Joseph’s Ladies Guild and St. Patrick’s Christian Mothers combined to form one organization:  St. Patrick’s Christian Mothers. 


The Christian Mothers work in the kitchen during funerals, sponsor the Polka Mass and dinner held each fall.  Traditionally, the fall dinner consists of fresh homemade pies from parishioners and a bake sale in conjunction with the Polka Mass.


Current officers are: 

President Rachel Jorgensen

Treasurer LaVon Weidenborner

Secretary Michelle Frenzel


Any woman who attends St. Patrick’s Church is considered a member of the St. Patrick’s Christian Mothers.  Meetings will be announced in the bulletin and through text/email messages.  Please know that you are welcome to attend these meetings donate your talents and ideas to help make our organization better.

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